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Northern Atlantic Ocean sailing 2017
Natal (Brasil), St Vincent & Grenadines, Dominica, St Martin

6,650 NM South-and North Atlantic passage

Part 2 ....20 November - 17 December 2017, Natal, Brazil to St Martin, Caribbean, 31 days (3410 euro)
Discount available for 2 persons and more. Contact the operator.

This voyage is a once in a lifetime opportunity. During the first leg you sail aboard S/Y CrossRoads, our 50 ft BOC Racer From Natal via St Vincent and the Grenadines (Island Union)  and the beautiful island Dominica  to St Martin.
This voyage offer a full practical for Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean. Additionally, it will prove to be an exciting travel adventure that emphasizes blue-water sailing skills development and cultural exploration. The sail can be extremely pleasant as the wind will be off the starboard quarter once the SE and NE trades are encountered.

Second leg

The second leg of this epic voyage starts from Natal (Brazil). The first stop-0ver is St Vincent and the Grenadines. Then we stop at Dominica before reaching our final destination St Martin.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
This stop-over after 2,300 NM is at the beautiful archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), in the southern portion of the Windward Islands. Its 389 km2 territory consists of the main island of Saint Vincent and the northern two-thirds of the Grenadines, which are a chain of smaller islands stretching south from Saint Vincent Island to Grenada.
To the north of Saint Vincent lies Saint Lucia, to the east Barbados. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a densely populated country with approximately 102,000 inhabitants.
Its capital is Kingstown, also its main port. Saint Vincent has a French and British colonial history.
It is a tropical paradise for yachting, scuba diving, enjoying nature.

A small secret: we have reserved a beautiful anchorage at Union Island, one of the undiscovered treasures of St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Unsophisticated, relaxed and friendly, Union is still off the beaten track. A charming destination and a great base to pick up a mooring and explore the natural beauty of this region. Union is a paradise for yachting enthusiasts, scuba divers, hikers and sun worshipers.

Dominica, 120 NM from SVG, is one of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, sandwiched between two better-known French-influenced neighbours, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Just 29 miles long and 16 miles wide, Dominica richly deserves its moniker ‘The Nature Island’. It boasts dozens of waterfalls, a mountainous interior, cloud forest, coastal woodland and nine active volcanoes.
The Boiling Lake trail is one of several well-kept paths, often with breath-taking views, that criss-cross the island. The four-hour walk to the lake and the same amount of hours back will turn your legs to jelly and test your stamina. .

St Martin
St Martin, after 220 NM, has a land area of 87 km2 ; 53 km2 of which is under the sovereignty of France, and 34 km2 is former ‘Dutch’. That will say independent from the Netherlands but still attached to the Kingdom.
The main cities are Philipsburg (Dutch side) and Marigot (French side). The Dutch side is more populated. The island is located south of Anguilla, separated from the British territory by the Anguilla Channel. Saint Martin is northwest of Saint Barthélemy, separated from the French territory by the Saint-Barthélemy Channel.
St. Martin's ‘Dutch’ side is known for its festive nightlife, beaches, jewellery, drinks made with native rum-based guavaberry liquors, and casinos. The island's French side is known for its nude beaches, clothes, shopping (including outdoor markets), and French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. English is the most commonly spoken language along with a local dialect.
The remaining days, if any, before departure will be filled with sunshine; velvet soft nights and breath-taking sceneries. Explore the panoramas of our colourful scenery dominated by flaming bright red, orange and yellow flamboyant trees. Savour the culture of fine dining or the adventure of exquisite local cuisine from a barbeque grill at the Lolos in Marigot and Grand Case - where succulent fried fish, lobster and the blends of local seasoning offer you a new taste adventure.